Vedanta Ltd Hiring|Degree| Electrical|Mechanical Engineer

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Company: Vedanta Ltd

Post:CEO Power Business

Qualification: Degree In Electrical/Mechanical/Power Engineering

Location: TN

Job Description:

1. Strategic Leadership:

Ensuring long-term fuel security for the power plants and power tie ups for long term supply as well as flexibility to provide power to smelters.
Develop a strategic vision to efficiently utilize lignite coal for power generation and ensure
compliance with environmental regulations.

2. Operational Excellence in Lignite Coal Utilization:

Oversee the design, development, and innovate the operations of lignite coal-based power generation facilities, ensuring high efficiency and implement technologies to maximize the energy output from lignite with low environmental impact.
Operate the plant at maximum PLF and lowest cost in O&M model to manage constraints.
Laison with vendors for necessary modifications which enables to run the plant on 100% lignite.
Manage the HSE aspects of the plant to be benchmark for other companies.

3. Financial Management:

Manage financial aspects of lignite coal operations, including budgeting, cost control, and financial forecasting.
Explore opportunities for cost-effective lignite procurement, transportation, and utilization in power generation.
Maximize stakeholder returns from lignite-based coal business.

4. Environmental Compliance:

Stay abreast of environmental regulations and ensure the organization’s compliance with emissions standards and sustainability goals by implementing environmentally friendly technologies.
Work on roadmap for compliance on renewables and net zero vision.

5. Stakeholder Management:

Build and maintain strong relationships with stakeholders, including government bodies, regulatory agencies, local communities, and investors. Laison with state for operational support and on time payments.
Collaborate with environmental groups and community leaders to address concerns and promote sustainable lignite coal utilization.
Finalize O&M model for sustained running of operations ensuring maximum productivity.

6. Market Positioning:

Monitor market trends and competition related to lignite coal and adjust business strategies accordingly.
Explore potential partnerships and collaborations to enhance the organization’s market position in lignite-based power generation.

7. Risk Management:

Identify and assess risks associated with lignite coal operations and develop strategies to mitigate those risks.
Implement safety measures to protect employees and the surrounding environment.


Bachelor’s degree in Electrical / Mechanical / Power engineering and advanced degree in PGD Power Plant Engineering is preferred.
Proven experience in a leadership role in lignite-based power plant.
In-depth knowledge of lignite coal extraction, transportation, and power generation technologies.
Familiarity with environmental regulations and sustainable practices in the power industry.
Strong strategic thinking, decision-making, and problem-solving skills.
Excellent communication and interpersonal abilities.
Demonstrated ability to lead and inspire a diverse team.
Drive change management in process, people and plant.

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