Sterling & Wilson Pvt Ltd – job For Electrical Design Engineer!!

Post: Electrical Design Engineer

Qualification: B.Tech In Electrical Engineering

Experience: 3-5year

Location: Mumbai

Salary: Not Disclosed

Selection process: Not Disclosed

Job Description:

Develop design memos and calculations for Electrical design based on the relevant standards, local codes and site conditions meeting the client/developer specification for Pre-Bid & Post Bid Projects.

2. Preparation of basic design and drawings, tender specifications and bill of quantity, tender evaluation and discussion with vendor to technically finalise the vendor for executing the Electrical works.

3. Preparation of PV Plant layout, Cabling and Illumination Layout, Earthing Layout, Cable routing etc. using AUTOCAD, PVCASE.

4. Replying to Client/ Owners Engineers design and engineering queries during the post bid execution.

Industry Type:
Engineering, Sales & Service, Manufacturing, Construction


Employment Type
Permanent, Full Time

Interested Candidates Can Apply Direct Official Website:


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