Requirment Multiple Post Civil Engineer/ Diploma / ITI In Guwahati


POST:Site Engineer/Project Engineer / Accountants/Sefty ENGINEER/ ………


QUALIFICATIONS:: B E/ BTech / Diploma/ ITI/ Electrical/Mechanical / Civil ENGINEERS

EXPERIENCE: 2-15year 

LOCATION: Guwahati

SALARY: Not disclosed

Selection process: Personal Interview

JOB Description

Must knowledge AutoCad CIVIL Engineers

  • Analyze long range plans, survey reports, maps, and other data to plan and design projects
  • Consider construction costs, government regulations, potential environmental hazards, and other factors during the planning and risk-analysis stages of a project
  • Compile and submit permit applications to local, state, and federal agencies, verifying that projects comply with various regulations
  • Oversee and analyze the results of soil testing to determine the adequacy and strength of foundations
  • Analyze the results of tests on building materials, such as concrete, wood, asphalt, or steel, for use in particular projects
  • Prepare cost estimates for materials, equipment, or labor to determine a project’s economic feasibility
  • Use design software to plan and design transportation systems, hydraulic systems, and structures in line with industry and government standards
  • Perform or oversee surveying operations to establish building locations, site layouts, reference points, grades, and elevations to guide construction

Industry Type

Construction civil


Engineer, ITI , Diploma

Employment Type

Permanent Full Time

Interested Candidates Can Apply Direct Official Website : Click here

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